Christmas Greeting 2017

Countdown to the 2018 Celtic Festival

Hogmanay Party

Members Only

A CSSM Members-Only Event ֍ Sunday Evening, December 31st 2017 ֍ Tracy’s Landing, MD 20779

We’ve already starting planning for the 40th Southern Maryland Celtic Festival and Highland Games to be held on Saturday April 28, 2018. Volunteers are greatly needed for the festival and for events throughout the year.

Become a Volunteer

The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland Welcomes you in the languages of the seven Celtic Nations


Benvidas (Galician (Galicia/Asturias, Spain) for “Welcome” [to men and women])

Ceud Mile Failte (Scots Gaelic for “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”)

Céad Mile Fáilte (Irish Gaelic for “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”)

Croeso (Welsh (Wales) for “Welcome”)

Digemer Mad (Breton (Brittany, France) for “Welcome”)

Dynnargh Dhis (Cornish (Cornwall) for “Welcome”)

Failt Erriu – (Manx (Isle of Man) for “Welcome”)

Our mission is to educate the general public through our celebrations and coordinating service, the Highland Games and Celtic Festival, music, dance, dress, heraldry, genealogy, and history as we celebrate the cultural heritage of the seven Celtic Nations: Ireland; Scotland; Wales; Isle of Man; Brittany; Cornwall; and Galicia/Asturias.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our events. We look forward to seeing you throughout the years as we share together the many aspects of this great culture.