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The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland – Scholarship Application Process

1. The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland, hereafter referred to as the Society, provides scholarships to individuals or organizations to attend and /or participate in events and/or educational experiences that relate to Celtic Heritage. Such experiences include, but are not limited to, attendance at camps, schools, seminars, workshops, and clinics where traditional Celtic music, dance, language, etc. may be taught. This support is offered to further enhance studies beyond normal, regular routine lessons or classes.

2. Although preference shall be given to Society members, scholarships are not limited to members of the Society. A current Society member must sponsor a non-member Scholarship applicant via written recommendation.

3. The Scholarship Committee will meet three times each year to review applications and vote on their disposition. The Scholarship Committee will meet in Mar/Apr, Jul/Aug, Nov/Dec. Applications for the review must be received by the Committee no later than the 15th of March, July or November prior to the review associated with those months.

4. Applications will be submitted on the attached form. The form will be downloadable from the Society web site, and included in the Society newsletter annually. The form must be completed in its entirety. Partially completed forms will not be considered for awards.

5. Scholarship checks will not be made payable to applicants. All checks will be made payable to the institution that offer the educational experience. To this end, it is particularly important that applicants list the correct name of the institution that will provide the educational experience. Exceptions can be petitioned by written request for approval to the Board of Directors.

6. Funds for scholarships are limited and are allocated for this purpose on an annual basis. The Society may not award scholarships in excess of the annual allocation. Scholarships may be funded in whole or in part at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

7. Applications should be mailed directly to the Celtic Society of Southern Maryland, P.O. Box 209, Prince Frederick, MD  20678, Attention: Scholarship Committee.

8. Scholarship recipients are expected to submit an essay/report to CSSM within 90 days of completion about their Celtic learning experience. The essay should describe how the Society scholarship helped the recipient achieve their goal of enhanced learning. This essay will be published in the Society newsletter. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to submit photos with their essay.
The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland

Scholarship Application

Please type or print all information in black or blue ink.

Last name: First name:

Title (circle): Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Dr. Other:

Course of study: (e.g. Scottish Bag Piping Workshop)

Institution Offering the Course of Study; (e.g. The Piping School of Western Vermont) PLEASE NOTE: the name of the institution listed below will be typed on the award check.

Address of institution:

Date the course of study starts:

Date by which funds must be paid to the institution:

Short description of the course of study:

Essay: What is your goal to be achieved thru participation/attendance and how will this scholarship help you? (Continue on following page.)

Note: Signature is required on the bottom of the following page.)
Signature: Date:

Parent/guardian’s signature:
(Required for all applicants under the age of eighteen.)

Mail completed application to:

Attn: Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 209
Prince Frederick, MD 20678