The festival program is distributed free to participants and attendees of the festival. We print 5000 copies of the program and hold back only about 250 for our own use.

If you have advertised in the past in the program, we hope you were happy with the final result and will again choose to participate. If you have not participated recently, we hope you will reconsider participation. If you have never participated, this is an excellent opportunity to reach a large portion of the Celtic community in Maryland.

The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival is one of the three largest tourism drawing cards in Southern Maryland, bringing in 8000 to 12,000 persons for this one day event. We do not receive any public funds from the counties for this event, but do have some corporate sponsorship which has been invaluable in helping to keep this event alive over the past few years.

We will continue to provide workshops for music students in fiddling, and hammer dulcimer, as well as having a Winter Celtic Music Festival which is usually sold out. In addition CSSM is pursuing partnerships for performances and workshops. We also provide financial assistance to students of the Celtic Arts to attend specialized schools both on this continent and abroad and we are available to provide programs in schools.

For additional information please call 410-449-0096 or email

Southern Maryland Celtic Festival Program Advertisement form with rates.