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Well, this has certainly been a challenging year. Given all the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I can only hope and pray that you are all staying as safe as you can, and that all the vicissitudes arising wherefrom have at worst only lightly touched you and yours.
We’re all aware of how much it hurt to have to cancel our annual Festival. The ripple effects spread far beyond our Society, to affect hundreds of vendors and performers who look to us and events like ours to help make their living. We moved quickly to provide contact information, and I know a number of us have been buying from our vendors online.
I’m preaching to the choir here. Unfortunately, the choir has become much smaller than it needs to be. So much so, that this trend leaves us with a limited ability to sustain our activities, including our beloved Festival.
There’s an article on our volunteer page that explores the positions we need nominations for, for the Board of Directors, and volunteers for apprentices and volunteers for positions within the Festival. Please read it, and see if you know someone who would enjoy working in the Society. Invite people you know, heck, give memberships—it’s pretty economical.
I want to give a special thanks to Jackie Waymire, who’s been the Chair of our Festival Steering Committee for the past two Festivals. Jackie is moving out of state, and cannot continue in that capacity. Jackie is a past president of the Society, and has done a number of good things for us and our community. She brought an enthusiasm and energy to all her works. We will miss her a great deal.
With Jackie resigning as Steering Committee Chair, we had a pause. Fortunately, Paula Davis, our current Vendors Chair (and Steering Committee member) has volunteered to helm our 2021 Festival. Paula has a long history with the Festival, and is considered one of the best festival vendor chairs around. Paula reached out to our own Megan Boylan, who has agreed to co-chair with Paula. Megan has pretty much grown up in the Society, and has worked for the Festival, most recently in the stages area. Neither wants our Festival to end. Please give them your best support as we move forward.
We will have our annual Society meeting in August, along with our elections. Given the current status of Maryland’s reopening, we believe we can easily meet all requirements for a safe event. Please come, and share the time with us.

Greg Davis, President

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