Pub Stage (Site 16)

April 28, 2018

No outside alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed into the festival. Alcoholic
beverages are available for sale at multiple locations throughout the festival grounds.

Coming Soon!


  1. (1) Each set begins on the hour and is scheduled for 45 min to allow 15 minute stage turnover time.
  2. (2) Workshop & CAEG Tents provide an unplugged venue for these special guest performers to provide workshops, demonstrations, and informative talks in an intimate setting – (Workshop Tickets required, as noted).

6 – 9 PM – EVENING CEILIDH – THE AFTER PARTY IN DANCE PAVILION – led by the Williams, Gemme, and Mist Covered Mountains!!!

6pm — 6:45pm – Ceilidh kickoff — approx. 15+ min slots: Chris Newman & Máire Ní Chathasaigh, champion competitors of the day.

6:45 — Williams, Gemme, and Mist Covered Mountains – – music, dancing, and socializing.

All Festival Performers must complete an online or paper “Hold Harmless Agreement” before the event. Children under the age of
18 years must have a parent or guardian complete a “Hold Harmless Agreement”. Completed registration (by a participant,
parent, or guardian over the age of 18) will constitute implied acceptance of the contents of this document.
Paper copies of the “Hold Harmless Agreement” must be signed and brought on the day of he event.

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