Performance Dance Stage (Pavilion)

April 24, 2021

No outside alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed into the festival. Alcoholic
beverages are available for sale at multiple locations throughout the festival grounds.

Welcome to the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival Performance Dance Stage. We are centrally located in the “big barn” with a large dance floor filled throughout the day with terrific performers and delightful opportunities for our audience. The Performance Dance Stage allows visitors to the Celtic Festival to sample the vitality and joy of Celtic dance traditions. Represented on our stage, through the years, are performance dancing and social dances from Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, and Bretton traditions. The programs usually last about 30 minutes each, with some longer to include your own chance to experience the social dances. These are family friendly activities for both adults and young family members moving to vibrant and cheerful music, often times with live musicians.

The performance programs are as varied as the excitement of Irish step dancing to the grace of Scottish Ballroom and English Country dancing. In a Bretton Dance Workshop. your group can circle and wind to Bretton tunes plus learn a bit of history and lore from Celtic Bretton France.

Our day usually ends with a ceili, ( social dance and variety entertainment ), that transitions from the Performance Dance Stage to ceili with Southern Maryland Traditional Dance teaching New England Contra line dances for all, to live music!!

Come and enjoy!

Check back for a schedule for the 2021 Festival

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