Highland Heavy Athletics

No outside alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed into the festival. Alcoholic
beverages are available for sale at multiple locations throughout the festival grounds.

(M.A.S.A Competition)

Our Celtic Festival’s highland athletic competitions features six events consisting of:
Open/Braemar StonesScottish Hammers
Weights for DistanceCaber Toss
Weights for HeightSheaf Toss

Registration for athletes is handled through M.A.S.A. (Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics). For more information, call 443-975-0972 or email athletics@cssm.org.

For the results of the most recent festival (and other festivals), see M.A.S.A..

All Festival Performers must complete an online or paper “Hold Harmless Agreement” before the event. Children under the age of
18 years must have a parent or guardian complete a “Hold Harmless Agreement”. Completed registration (by a participant,
parent, or guardian over the age of 18) will constitute implied acceptance of the contents of this document.
Paper copies of the “Hold Harmless Agreement” must be signed and brought on the day of he event.

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