Highland Dancing

Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard, Maryland
April 28, 2018

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Adjudicator: Tracey Walton, Birmingham, MI
FUSTA Games Reg. No. USE – 0112

Registration Opens at 9:00AM for all levels – Competition to start at 9:30AM

Primary: Intermediate:
1 16 Pas De Basque 14 Hornpipe (4)
2 Pas De Basque & Hi Cuts (4) 15 Highland Fling (4)
3 Highland Fling (4) 16 Sword Dance (2+1)
4 Sword Dance (2+1) 17 Seann Triubhas (3+1)
18 Strathspey and Highland Reel
Beginner: Premier:
5 Scottish Lilt (4) 20 Blue Bonnets (4)
6 Highland Fling (4) 21 Highland Fling (6)
7 Sword Dance (2+1) 22 Sword Dance (2+2)
8 Seann Triubhas (3+1) 23 Seann Triubhas (4+2)
24 Strathspey and Highland Reel
9 Scottish Lilt (4)
10 Flora (4)
11 Highland Fling (4)
12 Sword Dance (2+1)
13 Seann Triubhas (3+1)
2017 Highland Dance Registration
Note: DO NOT print the page with the QR Code (square scanning code) in anything other than black. Color QR Codes will not scan!

Entry Fees are as follows:

Primary – $12.00
Beginner, Novice & Intermediate – $17.00
Premier – $20.00

Regulations for Dancing:

  1. Competition will conform to SOBHD rules. Judge’s decisions are final.
  2. 2017 SOBHD Dancer Registration Card must be present in order to compete.
  3. Closing for entries is April 22th – tickets are printable from ticket leap.
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent prior to the competition.
  5. Age groups will be determined by number of entries received.
  6. Oldest Premier group will be awarded cash prizes.
  7. One dollar from each entry will be donated to FUSTA Eastern Region.

Please send inquiries to Victoria Major at dancing@cssm.org.

All Festival Performers must complete an online or paper “Hold Harmless Agreement” before the event. Children under the age of
18 years must have a parent or guardian complete a “Hold Harmless Agreement”. Completed registration (by a participant,
parent, or guardian over the age of 18) will constitute implied acceptance of the contents of this document.
Paper copies of the “Hold Harmless Agreement” must be signed and brought on the day of he event.

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