Medieval Feast

St James Parish, Lothian, MD – 5757 Solomons Island Rd, Lothian, Maryland 20711
Sat, Feb 17, 2018 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Medieval Feast
ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY   Tickets are $30; additional online fees apply. For additional information please email

Enjoy a little history with a side dish of humor…

Shake off the snow and wintry doldrums—don your favorite Medieval period finery (plain clothing allowed, too, if you must)! Join the Celtic Society’s Medieval court in the enjoyment of numerous dishes prepared using traditional ingredients of the period and feast-worthy entertainment!

As in any respectable court, entertainment will include musicians, dance, a story or two, and always, a good time. But of course, one never truly knows what excitement may accompany our honored guests of the court… unless the seer is present, of course.

Just as it was at a great medieval feast hall, where each person supplied their own dining kit, we suggest that you bring your finest period dining utensils, plates, soup bowls, mugs, goblets and napkins, and candles/-holders*. Remember, there is no electricity in the medieval period! Limited place settings can be provided, if necessary.
*column styles stand easily on the table – if you bring tapers, please bring candleholders, as well.

It was January 1156…
Somerled, Progenitor of Clan Donald, defeats the Norse at the Battle of Epiphany with his fleet of 80 Norse-style longships. On the night of Epiphany, the fleets of Godred and Somerled met to the north of Islay at Rubh’ a’ Mhaoil and a fierce battle continued into the next day. Finally, a stalemate occurred between the two fleets. Godred and Somerled initiated talks, ultimately partitioning the Western Isles from the Northern ones. Subsequently, Somerled becomes King of the Isles—leader of a Gaelic state, centered on Finlaggan, Islay. …This sounds a great reason to have a feast!

After his death, Somerled’s Kingdom of the Isles was divided amongst his three sons from his marriage to Ragnhild. The descendants of Aonghus went on to form the Clan McRuari or McRory; the descendants of Dughall went on to form the Clan MacDougall; the descendants of Ragnald’s son, Donald Mor McRanald, would become the Clan Donald, who went on to found the Lordship of the Isles.

Widespread DNA studies suggest that as many as 500,000 people living today are descended from Somerled: this is a number only bettered by Genghis Khan who, according to DNA studies, is estimated to be the ancestor of 16 million people alive today.

Help us celebrate and get in touch with your inner Scot!