Galician Dinner

Have you bought your Galician Dinner Tickets yet? November 3rd, 4:00p.m. – 9:00pm, at the Ruddy Duck Brewery & Grill. Tickets available on our tickets page.
And now a little about the traditional liquor of the Galician region…
Bottle of Pazo liquor


Orujo is a pomace brandy (a liquor obtained from the distillation of marc, the solid remains left after pressing of the grape) from northern Spain. Orujo’s basic ingredient is the residue from wine production. Once the grapes are crushed, the orujos or residue of the grapes can be used to produce the liqueur of the same name. The grape skins, seeds and stalks are fermented in closed vats and then distilled. Stills, called alambiques, alquitaras or potas are traditionally large copper kettles that are heated over an open fire, while a poteiro (orujo distiller) watches over his brew. The distilling process in the alambiques takes six hours or more. The copper stills used by Galicians for centuries.

Orujo de Hierbas

The herbal Orujo Pazo (32% alcohol) has a lemon yellow with golden highlights, clean and bright. Sharp Aromas, floral and balsamic own source of brandy and herbs macerated. The taste is warm, mellow, with a nice natural sweetness.

Orujo de Miel

A careful process of slow distillation, superior alcohols and more than 250 grams of 100% natural honey per liter, give the Honey Liqueur Galician soft and sweet taste without adding sugar.

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